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IV Nutrition Therapy


Intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy is a method of providing vitamins, minerals, and other natural substances directly into your bloodstream.

Unlike oral supplements, IV nutritional therapy allows vitamins and nutrients to bypass the digestive system, allowing the results to be realized significantly quicker. As a faster way to improve a patient’s nutritional status, IV nutritional therapy ensures that a patient will have benefits from higher concentrations of nutrients than those provided by other oral supplements and/or food.

Experts in the medical industry report that IV nutritional therapy can assist in the recovery process from numerous conditions, including: dehydration, depression, migraines, hangovers, sleep apnea, asthma, and even the common cold, among many others.

There are a variety of forms of IV nutrition – all of which provide unique benefits. Among these forms include magnesium and vitamin B infusions, vitamin C infusions, IV EDTA Chelation therapy for Heavy Metal Toxicity and Cardiovascular Protection, and the famous “Myer’s cocktail”.

Magnesium and vitamin B infusions are utilized to increase the body’s magnesium to assist rebuilding a body’s strength. This form of vitamin infusion is beneficial in reducing the symptoms of fatigue and muscle aches while restoring health through replenishing your body’s magnesium count and vitamin B levels.

Vitamin C infusions provide the body with necessary ascorbate required to fight chronic viruses that are often fought in the everyday world such as fatigue and weakness.

Invented by John Myers, a physician from Baltimore, 30-years ago, the Myer’s cocktail is a nutritious blend of vitamins and minerals which contains calcium, magnesium, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B9, B12, and of course, vitamin C. Given by an “IV push” that can be administered in five to 10 minutes rather than the typical “IV drip” that can take hours, this vitamin cocktail has been determined to be an effective combatant of asthma, hangovers, muscle spasms, respiratory infections, sinusitis, and even migraines.


Many experts believe IV nutritional therapy cannot only act as a powerful combatant to respiratory diseases, chronic asthma, and migraines, some believe IV nutritional therapy may also enhance your athletic performance, improve fatigue, assist in surgical recovery, reduce high blood pressure, decrease anxiety, and aid in fighting depression.

While IV therapy may be utilized as a dietary tool to assist with weight loss; there are several conditions that can be treated or subsided with the proper use of IV therapy.

Studies have shown that IV therapy can assist in resolving the symptoms of the following conditions:

IV therapy can be used to improve athletic performance by providing an energy boost through the natural vitamins and nutrients which IV therapy provides. It is also believed by medical professionals that IV therapy can provide rapid relief for acute muscle spasms, relieve tension headaches, among many other benefits. The use of IV therapy has been found to be a very safe and effective treatment for numerous medical conditions. However, as with any form of treatment or therapy, the use of IV therapy should be administered by a certified medical professional. Dr. Backenstoes has many years of experience successfully administering IV therapy as a means to treat numerous conditions as well as a supplement to assist in weight loss. With typical procedures taking a maximum of 2-3 hours, IV nutritional therapy provides patients with a quick, easy, and simple solution to ensure they can keep up with their hectic schedules without sacrificing a nutritious diet.


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