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Individualized Weight Loss & Wellness


In our fast paced world very few of us take the time to prepare healthy meals and to exercise regularly.

Food is less nutritious than it used to be. And many of us lead very stressful lives. The result of all of this is unwanted weight gain.

At Capstone Medical Wellness Center we understand there are endless options to choose from for weight loss. How we are different is we customize a weight loss plan to fit your needs, desires, and lifestyle.

We do not have a “one size fits all” program. Each patient is evaluated for underlying medical conditions such as thyroid dysfunction, adrenal dysfunction, and hormone balance. If there are any underlying issues these are taken into account when developing your customized weight loss program.

Exercise and activity are also customized to each patient’s preferences. This provides a total lifestyle approach to achieve and maintain a healthy weight for life.

Contact us today, we’ll help you to set and achieve your weight loss goals, while teaching you how to stabilize your weight after dieting.


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